Visiting Nepal has never been this easy. Put on your headset and experience Nepal like never before! NepalVR is the first Virtual Reality Application of Nepal and is intended to cater the country’s tourism industry initiating a social change.

After the Earthquake of April 2015, there was a huge misconception spreading that Nepal is no longer safe to travel and all the cultural sites and religious temples have been destroyed. The application was first built with the motivation to clear this particular dilemma and let the world know that Nepal is still one of the best places to travel and find serenity. This app can help promote all popular as well as unpopular exotic locations and encourage people globally to come to Nepal for their holidays.

The app utilizes Virtual Reality to give users experience of being at different tourism destinations of Nepal from the comfort of anywhere they maybe. This helps the people who are physically unable to travel or want to travel to these locations, see how it would be like to be there or relive the experience for someone who has already been there. The virtual experience is also an interactive platform where the users of any age can get information and knowledge about these locations. Tourism related businesses can even feature their business in NepalVR. This helps them get a global visibility and an opportunity to create a virtual tour of their business. Also, this can be used by the app users to get a tour of the hotel before booking it.

The app is available as a Web app as well as an android app. Both of these can be used with or without a VR headset. The Web version also has an embed feature which can be used to embed the virtual tour of a particular destination into any external website. This means tourism businesses featured in NepalVR can use these APIs to create a virtual tour in their own website. Teleport yourself to the land of cultural beauty and overwhelming destinations in the country filled with artistry and serenity.

- 360 degree Virtual Tour of tourist destinations and the related businesses around them
- More than 55 locations with new ones being added periodically
- Can be used with or without a VR headset
- Available as a Web app which can be viewed from any VR compatible smartphone or a PC
- Also available as an android app for the ultimate VR experience of Nepal
- Web APIs available for all locations to embed the virtual tours into any website

More locations and features coming in future updates! Also, if you have shot great photospheres and want them to be published in this app, contact us at

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Experience virtual tourism of Nepal like never before with our android app.